Archive | August, 2013

Andri Daulay

Hi my name is Andri. I am one of Foster&Bridge Indonesia associate facilitators and am a professional in Learning & Development with more than 15 years of experience. It is my passion to work in a professional learning environment and to have meaningful experience with professionals in my workshops. As a professional I have worked […]

Natal Syahludin

Hi my name is Natal Syahludin. You can call me Syahludin. I am a professional with more than 16 years working experience in a vast range of Human Resources management areas including Training & Development, performance management, talent management, outsourcing, remuneration, employee relations, organization development and so on. Many of my years of experience are […]

Imung Hikmah

Hi my name is Imung You may have heard of a well-known quote “One cannot NOT communicate!” (Warxlawick, Bavelas & Jackson,1967, p. 51). The phrase still rings the truth even now. No matter what we do or we don’t do, we are communicating…Our way of communicating is much richer than just the technicality of verbal, […]