Adi Pratomo

Hi Professionals!

I’m Adi Pratomo. You can call me Adi.

I always believe that meeting new people are learning opportunities.People bring their knowledge, experience, and insight into discussions that allow us to see things from different perspectives and even paradigms. It is exactly one of the main reasons which I love being a professional facilitator. Another reason for it is that I love to share and to help others to improve their personal and professional value.

As young as I am, as certified professional trainer & consultant, I have been involved in many operation excellence programs in Indonesia, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand for more than 7 years. I am involved in the areas of Change Management, Management Development Program, Leadership, Continuous Improvement Program, TPM, 5S, Problem Solving & Decision Making, so on. I have delivered many programs for various organizations and companies in Asia and South East Asia countries.

Like I said, training is my passion, so it is quite fulfilling to be able to engage with many people from many backgrounds and have the opportunities to learn from them. As funny as it sounds, but I get my dose of energy by seeing other people grow using the skills and knowledge they gain from the effort of learning. The more they grow, the more motivated I become in sharing and learning through training.

I hope we can have a great learning opportunity at Foster & Bridge Indonesia. It is my desire to have a fruitful and meaningful exchange of knowledge between us in one of my sessions at Foster & Bridge Indonesia.

I’ll see you soon.