Andri Daulay

Hi my name is Andri.

I am one of Foster&Bridge Indonesia associate facilitators and am a professional in Learning & Development with more than 15 years of experience. It is my passion to work in a professional learning environment and to have meaningful experience with professionals in my workshops.

As a professional I have worked in many organizations and in various roles and positions.

And as a professional trainer and facilitator I have been involved in and delivered countless training and workshop programs. Programs for various businesses and industries. For all levels, from entry to management and executive levels.

As a professional and as a trainer, I am certified in many areas such as NLP Practitioner, Communication Expert, Recruitment Analyst, and Assessment Center Analyst to name a few. I hope with all of my knowledge and experiences, they will add values to my programs and for any of my workshop participants.

It is my goal to deliver a quality program in any of my classes.

From many programs that I have, one of them that I will be delivering at Foster&Bridge Indonesia is Train The Trainer program. With this program I hope we can work together with current and upcoming professional trainer to better prepare them with all of the training program aspects they need to be accustomed with for a quality training delivery.

So I am looking forward to meeting you in one of my workshops at Foster&Bridge Indonesia. And let’s have some fun and meaningful experience from it!

Some of Andri’s workshop programs at Foster&Bridge Indonesia: 

  • Train The Trainer Program

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