Arde Wisben

Hello Professionals

My name is Arde Wisben and you, like all of my colleagues, can call me Ardĕ (the ‘ĕ’ in the back sounds like the ‘e’ in red, or Ned).

I am a professional as well as a facilitator. My true passion is in social development areas whereas I have been involved in various organizations and programs dealing with social-related subjects. I have more than 12 years of experience working on numerous CSR programs.

I enjoy being involved in social programs, because I believe social programs have the ability to impact many facets of our lives. In social programs, we deal with real people, and not just with real social changes, but also with political factors, as well as personal and individual aspects. Our society can change into betterment however our society needs the collective efforts from our mind, emotion, and our empathy to work things out.

I aspire to be involved in facilitating the change process of people. My aspiration also supports me to continuously discover innovative programs, as I always want to share fresh and up-to-date experiences and lessons learned to fellow CSR professionals and enthusiasts. I hope I can facilitate others to feel good as a professional as well as an individual by helping others to have a better life.

For me, facilitating is sharing. And sharing is a two-way communication. I learn new insights as many as the knowledge I share in my facilitations. Every social program has its own story, its own lessons to learn and its own wonderful experience to share with.

And in the end, we all can contribute our finest effort back to our society.

So I really hope that we can enrich each other in our session together at Foster & Bridge Indonesia. I hope we can meet in sessions where they will be journey to help each other in developing and improving our inner values as well as our professionalism for the betterment of our society.

I am really looking forward to having you in one of my programs at Foster & Bridge Indonesia. Let’s share the journey.