Boyke Kusumanto

Hi Professionals! My name is Boyke Kusumanto.
My friends call me Boyke. I am one of the facilitators in Foster & Bridge Indonesia.

When you meet new people, what would you do?
For me, I would engage myself in light conversation with them when possible, because I like to engage with others. It is very interesting to listen to their stories. And in trainings, it is not just stories but also valuable knowledge and insights that I can gain. And I can assure you that no training programs are the same.

That is one of the reasons why I become a facilitator.

I first started working in the training and professional development area back in late 1990’s. I was very interested with training programs, so much so that I constructed my undergraduate thesis on supervisory training. It was around late 2000’s, I became a facilitator, or a trainer –as it was the term better accepted as. Since then, I have been a facilitator in various training areas.

As I said earlier, I enjoy meeting new people. And by becoming a facilitator, it is very exciting to be in a place where I get to meet different people in the same room. It is very exciting to facilitate them, to make them share what they have in mind, what they felt, and by the end of the day, to see them gain new experience and they are ready to use the skills and knowledge they gain from the effort of learning.

I hope we can meet and have great sharing opportunities in one of my trainings at Foster & Bridge Indonesia. It is my aspiration to assist a meaningful experience in learning new knowledge between us in one of my sessions at Foster & Bridge Indonesia.

Let’s share, learn, and grow.