Communication Skill for Supervisors and Managers


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Communication skill is one of the most important skills for any supervisors and managers. Their ability to convey ideas, influence another, and getting feedbacks is key to their success in their job that eventually creating value for the organization. Communication skill includes listening skill, build relationship, set clear priorities, facilitate collaboration, and conveys the organization’s vision.

Without a doubt, any supervisors/managers who excel all of those skills are good leaders.

To equip you, supervisors and managers, with excellent communication skill, Foster & Bridge Indonesia offers you a workshop/training on Communication Skill for Supervisors and Managers. With this training, you will sharpen your already existing communication skill and take it up to a higher level, customize it to your success performing the job and managing your teams.

The Benefits:

  • Hone your communication skill effectively
  • Identify the best communication style applicable to certain situation
  • Understand team communication and synergy and what it takes to succeed
  • Refine your active listening skills
  • Re-discover your communication potentials and how to use it to manage your team achievement


  • Re-visiting Communication Foundation
    • Refreshing the understanding of communication principles & model E-CSSM
    • Barriers in communication
    • In a nutshell: verbal, vocal, visual (body language) and other non-verbal communications
  • Understanding Communications Key Success Factors in the workplace
    • Interpersonal skill needed in the workplace
    • The art of active listening
    • Communications in the workplace: success and failure factors
    • Interpreting messages verbal and non-verbal
  • Improving Understanding of self and other’s Communication Style
    • Analyzing SWOT of your communication style
    • Understanding typical team communication style
    • Understanding each parties’ goal in communication
  • Achieving communications excellence
    • Defining values in communication E-CSSM
    • Identifying communication challenges faced by supervisor/manager
    • Coping with the challenges in project using excellent communication skill
    • Giving appreciation and constructive feedback
    • Unlearn & Re-learn process ‒ communication best practices
    • Redesigning communication style that truthfully yours

Recommended Participants:

Any existing & future Supervisors, Managers & Team Leaders who wish to perform and to deliver better performance at their organization.

Training Schedule 2017:

January 30 – 31
March 21 – 22
May 1 – 2
July  26 – 27
September 25 – 26
October 30 – 31
December 13 – 14