Comprehensive Learning & Development Management

"comprehensive learning and development management"

This course will develop and equip participants to become a specialist in Learning & Development. As L&D has become more important than ever, many corporations are embracing L&D function as a vital part of their business growth and sustainability strategy.

Through Comprehensive Learning & Development Management, participants will learn elements and practices of an L&D professional in managing and strategizing their L&D activities and unit. They will exercise tools and techniques used in L&D management as well as practicing in facing L&D business scenarios.

The Benefits

  • Able to identify requirements of L&D roles
  • Able to develop personal & professional plan to become L&D specialist
  • Able to plan and manage L&D activities and initiatives
  • Able to set up good practices in L&D services
  • Able to align L&D programs with organization strategic objectives


  • L&D strategic & operational roles
  • Identifying learning needs
  • Planning learning activities and initiaves
  • Designing learning activities & materials
  • Delivering and evaluating learning initiatives
  • Training, coaching & mentoring
  • Tracking learning progress
  • Building relations with managers and strategic units
  • Advising & promoting L&D initiatives
  • L&D information systems
  • Sustaining L&D operation and contribution

Recommended Participants

  • Training/Learning & Development Professionals
  • Training/Learning & Development Managers
  • Training/Learning & Development Officers
  • Training/Learning & Development Specialist

Training Schedule 2017:

February 1 – 2
April 18 – 19
June 1 – 2
August 30 – 31
October 9 – 10
December 4 – 5