Creative Career Development


The perk of leading a professional life in one of the fastest growing city in Asia is understanding that career development is very competitive. Whether we want to admit or not, all of us has the opportunity to grow and develop our careers, albeit it is very competitive to develop our career.

We know full well that we must learn new skills, obtain new knowledge, and expand our network in order to gain our personal competitive edge.

Again, it is not easy to master new skills, gain access to new knowledge, and build new bridges to the right people. A creative career development workshop equips you with constructive ways to evaluate your career, understand the changes in career and workplace, avoid the ‘career paralysis’, building your personal brand as ways to creatively develop your career path.


  • The growing-up people versus the growing-old people
  • Characteristic of creative people
  • Up is not the only way
  • Anticipating career paralysis
  • Building personal brand
  • The main block of creativity

Recommended Participants:

Any professionals at any levels, and new Managers and Supervisors who seek to understand the essence in career development and want to create a personal branding creatively for their professional development.

Training Schedule 2017:

February 9
April 18
July 13
September 7
November 8