Creative Stress Management for Professionals

"creative stress management for professionals"

Living the busy and hectic world has made us very much aware of what commonly known a stressful life. But what is stress? Short term stress and long term stress are looming in our daily lives.

Stress is unpleasant, can seriously affect our work and our health. Left untreated, it will impact our productivity and engagement, affecting us on costs and risks, creating an opposite condition at the workplace, family, and life in general.

However, if properly managed, stress can be beneficial for us. Stress can keep us on our feet, working faster to meet the deadlines, be more productive!

This Creative Stress Management for Professionals workshop will equip you with understanding stress and life at the workplace, managing stress factors, coping stress with emotional and spiritual ways, and achieving the “Eureka!” moment.


  • Stress and life attitude at workplace
  • The difference between positive and negative stress
  • Source of stressors to be managed and anticipated
  • The damages of failing stress management at workplace
  • Emotional and spiritual stress coping
  • Creative transformation: how to change destructive energy into positive energy and get “ahaaa-result”?

Recommended Participants:

Any professionals at any levels and (New) Managers and Supervisors who want to understand and create a personal stress management skills for their professional development.

Training Schedule 2017:

January 26
March 15
May 22
July 5
September 26
November 14