Customer Relationship Management

"customer relationship management"

Taking care organization’s customers has become the core of every business operation. Understanding how our customers engage with us and maintaining every information we have about them are the key of our organization’s competitiveness and even sustainability in the market. A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help us in building and maintaining our customer’s loyalty and their engagement.

Managing our company’s customer relationship function requires good understanding on what a CRM system can offer and how it delivers its purposes. Understanding the strategy, how to integrate different facets of and analyzing key components of CRM would help our team get the most out of their CRM system.

The Customer Relationship Management training will help participants understand those key elements and how to make them work. Making sure our customers are well understood and taken care of while continuously improving our capability in serving them.


  • Customer Relationship Management:
    • Customer Relationship Management in your everyday life
    • What’s in it for me?
  • What CRM is and Who It serves?
    • Different faces of CRM
    • Who is your customer?
  • Requirement Driven Product Selection
    • Requirement driven product selection
    • Determining function
  • Consideration in Tool Selection
    • What is your function in the field?
  • Getting information in and out Strategies for Customer Retention
  • Building the Future
  • The Development Team
  • Evaluating & Reviewing Your Program
    • Customer profiles
    • Customer life cycles

Recommended Participants:

Any professionals who want to enrich their knowledge about how to build and maintain their customer royalty and engagement.

Training Schedule 2017:

February 20 – 21
April 10 – 11
July 4 – 5
September 7 – 8
November 21 – 22