Donna Purnama

Hi Professionals!

My name is Donna Purnama and -please- just call me Donna.

My reason to becoming a professional facilitator is simple: I always love to meet new people and exchange knowledge and experience that enrich our journey together. So, I am really looking forward to meeting you in my trainings.

In 14 years of my experience as a training management professional, I have the chance to share my passion in assisting professionals to find their potentials and bring their best into their work and career. Over these years, I have worked for several companies, mostly in services and hospitality industry. My work mainly managing their people development and training management areas. What can I say, I love developing people.

As you may agree with me, people are fundamental in any organization. So it is very natural that their professional development is one of the best investment methods an organization can take in order to thrive in their business. And my areas of training are in the area of communication and presentation skills, service excellence, motivational subjects, teamwork, soft skills building to name a few.

In my years as a training management professional, I believe facilitating as a two-way communication. Sharing my knowledge with a lot of people is something of a perpetual learning. In workshops and trainings, I get the chance to learn from my participants, as much as they learn from others. I also want my training participants to be able to share their challenges in their job and also to share their thoughts so we can help each. Being motivated at work is the key to happy life and that’s why I love to motivate anyone in my class.

Being a facilitator, I also get to meet new people from different industries, people with various insights and knowledge. Building network. I like to see someone in my network grows, it’s always an overwhelming feeling. That’s why I love being a facilitator.

So as I said earlier, I am really looking forward to meeting you in one of the sessions at Foster and Bridge Indonesia. And I hope when we meet, we can enjoy ourselves with our experiences and gain new insights that we can bring back to our work and be a better professional. Being motivated. Being happy and enjoy our professional life.