Feruze Shuib

Hello Professionals!

My name is Feruze Shuib. You can call me Feruze.

The last fifteen years or so, I have been travelling all over the world doing what I love the most: sharing & learning.

I may seem like an accidental traveler, as I do travel a lot to parts of the world. UAE, Qatar, United States, and Thailand, just to name a few. However, I am not a traveler at heart, I am a passionate learner. If I get the chance to learn and share something new in another part of the world, with new people, I will definitely say yes!

My passion to share knowledge with fellow professionals is almost boundless. I started my professional life in a multinational banking corporations. During those years, I worked on sales and marketing, strategic, corporate and structural planning. The experience I gained has became my foundation for my passion to share to fellow professionals, and to learn new knowledge from them.

Over the years I have worked in professional development programs in Banking, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Aeronautics, Engineering, Hospitality Services, and Telecommunications fields.

I speak Malay, Thai, and English. I am still working on my Bahasa Indonesia. “Why still working on it? Malay and Bahasa Indonesia are almost the same language!” You may ask. I find that language breaks barriers, however we have to be most precise to use another language to get the optimum learning result. As I am a new learner for Bahasa Indonesia, I am comfortable enough to talk in Bahasa, however I am more confident that we will get the best result in our sharing and learning sessions using English. On the plus side, English has become our daily staple in our professional life.

Therefore, I am very keen to meeting you in one of my programs at Foster and Bridge Indonesia. I hope in my programs, we can share experiences and knowledge, learn from each other and gain valuable knowledge for you to develop and elevate your careers.

See you in one of my trainings!