Hello, my name is Fuad.

Would you agree if I quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” ?

The quotation from Neale D. Walsch represents our situation as professionals. I found that the more experience we have, the easier we fall into the alluring ‘comfort zone’. And that’s where a professional’s life ends.

That’s why I find that my passion is to share with fellow professionals, because I believe by sharing what we know with other professionals, we can refresh and jog our intuitions and simply connect the dots to what we have achieved to shake a few things a bit away from comfort zone. I have been sharing through facilitating many trainings and workshops for the past 12 years, and I enjoy every bit of it.

Prior to my collaboration with Foster and Bridge Indonesia, I have had over 23 years of experience in all areas of corporate affairs and human resources. I had enjoyed the trust to be appointed to various senior management positions in multi-national companies for 13 years. Throughout my career span, I have ventured various industries in many areas such as designing corporate frameworks, Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resources systems, Training programs, Balanced Scorecard, and many more. I was the GM for Human Resources for Langit Timur Energy. I had been appointed as the President Director for a drilling contractor for coal mining, Geodata Inti Resources. I worked for Keppel Land as the Country Head – HR Indonesia. And the latest ‘gig’ I had was the appointed Vice President for Lintas Samudra.

There’s a joke that says, if one industry I have been is represented by one ‘dot’, then it means I have left a trail of dots everywhere. As I have been around in just about everything!

And now, my passion is to meet you and share those unique ‘dots’ of experience that we have gained. I’m looking forward to meeting you in one of my workshops, where we can ‘connect the dots’ and stay away from our so-called ‘Comfort Zone’.