Harry Pramono

Hi, Professionals! I’m Harry.

We are very familiar with “People leave managers, not companies”. People say a lot of things about their managers. Managers are too demanding, too intense, too strict, too rigid, or my manager gets things done, I can count on my manager, my team likes to work with my manager. However, you rarely hear that management is an easy job.

I, personally, truly believe that human resource enhancement, talent acquisition programs, employee engagement programs, and other leader development programs are crucial for budding professionals’ development.

I have deep-rooted passion to share knowledge with our young fellow professionals. I find it rewarding to see those future leaders to develop their careers. It’s a privilege for me and a humbling experience to see those professionals’ careers grow. Especially knowing their growth from one path to another.

I am a family man. I always reflect everything I learn, share, and experience with my family. My daughters are my source of inspiration. Their strong-minded youth energy is abundance. I see young professionals and leaders the same way. Their youthful energy and motivations are driven by how strong they feel by engaging their companies, emotionally.

For more than a quarter of a century, I have been in various industries in human resources. I have mainly ‘toured’ in multi-national companies, from consumer electronics, chemicals, telecommunications, investment holding companies, pharmaceuticals, and many more. I found that engagement drives motivation, and motivation drives productivity. Therefore, I am very keen to share and learn knowledge from other professionals in training programs. I hope in those programs, there are new knowledge we all can learn, and being re-motivated again. And in the end, be more productive for our careers’ sake.

I am really looking forward to meeting you in one of the sessions at Foster and Bridge Indonesia. I truly wish for us to share experiences and knowledge and learn from each other. See you in one of my trainings!