High Impact Presentation Skill

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Present Professionally & Full of Confidence

How good is your presentation?

Can your presentation inspire, engage, influence, or even make people take on an action?

Presentation skill is a paramount. The information you present is often critical for you or for the organization. And the way you do it, good or bad can make a difference not only to your very own career and reputation, but also to people’s life and your organization’s performance.

The ability to communicate and presenting well are not inherited nor comes solely from talent. It is learned skill developed through discipline, planning and practice.

High Impact Presentation Skill training offers you a practical and hands-on exercise and learning points on how to create and deliver impactful presentation, designed to meet the needs of the audience and you as the speaker. You will learn the preparation and strategy necessary to develop impactful presentation, tricks and tools of presenting and hands-on fun exercise where your short presentation will be videotaped and evaluated.


  • Setting personal objective of participating in this training
  • What makes a presentation impactful?
  • Preparing Your PERSONA
  • Understanding your audience
  • Preparing the material of your presentation
  • Designing your presentation
  • Multimedia and visual usages
  • Stage strategy
  • Managing emotional and communication quotients
  • Managing changes
  •  Delivering powerful presentation – practice to perfection (individual presentation is videotaped)
  • Discussion, Evaluation and Feedback
  • Setting the follow up action to ensure the learning points go further

Training Schedule 2017:

February 27 – 28
April 17 – 18
July 27 – 28
August 30 – 31
September 27 – 28
October 26 – 27
November 29 – 30
December 11 – 12