Highly Effective Facilitating Skills

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This training, Highly Effective Facilitating skill will take participants to specific journey to experience facilitating a meeting or dynamics of group setting based on the principles of highly effective facilitating skill, and use participants own experience dealing with the challenge of facilitating as the case study.

Through this 2-days workshop, participants will learn and practice about facilitating skills, related tools that can be used to produce a productive, effective meeting, and know-how of facilitating dynamics in the group.


  • Facilitation Foundation
    • What is facilitation & facilitator
    • The principles of facilitating skill
    • How and when to use the facilitating skill to optimize the results & benefits
    • Challenges in facilitating a meeting or group dynamics
    • Tools and techniques in facilitation and intervention
  • Achieving Results Through Facilitation
    • Understanding human factors & overview of communication skills
    • Group dynamics development based on Tuckman & Jensen’s theory
    • Dealing with difficult people
    • Navigate the situation to achieve consensus and highly effective result
    • Practice the techniques and tools with case study and role play
    • Synthesized & synergized: bring out the best people in through group dynamics and meetings
  • Interpersonal & intrapersonal skill (projecting professionalism in facilitation through confidence, assertiveness and the right mindset)

  • Advancing your communication skills: before, during and after facilitation session (presentation skill, powerful words to convey message and to handle conflict, questioning & listening skill, how to empower the session and participants during facilitation)

Recommended Participants:

Any Supervisors & Managers who want to mastering the techniques and roles of effective facilitator

Training Schedule 2017:

January 25 – 26
March 20 – 21
May 16 – 17
July 24 – 25
September 6 – 7
November 22 – 23