Imung Hikmah

Hi my name is Imung

You may have heard of a well-known quote “One cannot NOT communicate!” (Warxlawick, Bavelas & Jackson,1967, p. 51). The phrase still rings the truth even now. No matter what we do or we don’t do, we are communicating…Our way of communicating is much richer than just the technicality of verbal, visual or digital. Whatever we do or we don’t do, actually send signals of communication.

Like now, we are communicating. I really appreciate your time reading this, thank you. I understand that you need some assurance and confidence that you are in good hands when it comes to your or your company’s training. Let me walk with you through my profile. I am one of the trainers with F&B Indonesia. I am also a consultant and practitioner in communication fields.

I care about nurturing and helping people excel in their career success and personal development. When facilitating training, I let the participants to be the stars in a fun yet nurturing supporting environment. This kind of environment will allow rich interaction and many ‘eureka’ moments. I do believe this is what should happen in adult learning experience.

I have been delivering series of communication trainings in the areas of business communications, leadership, cross-cultural communication, presentation skill, interpersonal skill, body language and personal branding – for many people and organization of different industries, both local and expatriates, in Jakarta or abroad.

To understand participants’ point of view and do the facilitation successfully I use insights from both world of experience as trainer and as practitioner.

As a trainer, I am equipped with a Certified NLP Practitioner from NLP Coach Indonesia and accredited trainer from International Accredited Training Professional Program. I also hold other certifications such as: Accredited Facilitator/Assesor for Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Tools, and Accredited Trainer for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People both from Sydney Australia.

As practitioner I bring with me years of experience managing communication department locally and regionally for Fortune 500 Companies. I am also a Toastmaster and member of International Association of Business Communicator (IABC).

I am looking forward to have great time with you in one of my workshops!


Some of Imung’s workshop programs at Foster & Bridge Indonesia:

  • High Impact Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills for Managers/Leaders

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