Juned A. Wibowo

Hello Professionals!

My name’s Juned Wibowo. My friends called me Juned.

I am a professional in finance area. Through out my career, I found that finance is an area where constant changes happen. This is possible because finance is a key element in the life of an organization, big or small. And we know that organizations need to adapt to changes. I believe that there is almost no financial management and system exactly the same ten years ago with the financial management and system we currently have today.

Therefore, I love meeting new people, where we can exchange fresh ideas and new insights to enrich our knowledge to keep on adapting ourselves into the continuous change.

Prior joining Foster & Bridge Indonesia, I have 18 years of experience as a financial professional. I have the credentials from working a prominent international Public Accountant organization. I had also worked in an investment boutique company where I took the role as a financial advisor on the company’s clients at the time. Currently, I am working with a well-known property holding company, Restyle Development as the Head of Corporate Finance division where one of my responsibilities is to be the Finance Director in one of its subsidiaries.

One thing that intrigued me is that people tend to look finance as complicated and stressful, when in fact it is quite a straightforward area. That is why I found that my passion is to share my knowledge and experience to fellow professionals, hoping that the insights that I share will develop professionals to fully understand the beauty of finance. And at the same time, I too gained new insights and ideas to adapt to new changes in the most current finance area.

I hope we can have great opportunities where we meet at Foster & Bridge Indonesia and have a fruitful exchange of knowledge. I expect my sessions can help you appreciate the impact of understanding finance towards the value you can gain as well as the contribution you add into your organizations.

Look forward to see you in one of my sessions!