Lucky E. L. Suria

Hello, Professionals!

I’m Lucky. I’m a professional in finance.

I have been in the finance area for almost 20 years. Oddly enough, my career path did not start in finance. My initial path was in IT and system development. However, I have been exposed in many strategic development projects that involved not just IT system. Just like a famous quote once said, “If you see a fork in the road, take it.” I found a fork in my career path, and I took it. Hence, throughout the years in my experience in IT and system development, I managed to change my career course towards Finance, Accounting, and Administration system.

My career started in late 1980’s where I was involved in many strategic development plans which required me to develop a system to bridge two different accounting platforms. And then, my “tour of duty” in the IT system development began to brushed more to the financial management system aspects over the years.

By mid 90’s, I was very much enjoyed working in financial system area, and I realized that was “the fork in my career path”, so I took it. Hence, my career steadily led me more towards financial system development and its application. As my career gradually developed, I found that my true passion is in sharing my experience. I enjoyed learning as much as I enjoy sharing the knowledge I gain from my past experiences. I was a lecturer for a couple of years.

However, I understand that I too am a practitioner, where I find the application of theories, experience and knowledge blend together to mold a path to bring out a professional’s true potential outside the academic environment.

If you’re like me, a professional working in finance area with little background of the area, hence you feel challenged with strategic plans and system development that are presented for you. Then, I would like to meet with all of you and we can discuss to have a self-discovery solution that can lead your career path.

Some people whom I have met said that I’m a warm person with a good sense of humor that lightens even the heaviest financial subject. Perhaps you can tell if it’s true when we meet.

Looking forward to meet you in one of my trainings!