Natal Syahludin

Hi my name is Natal Syahludin. You can call me Syahludin.

I am a professional with more than 16 years working experience in a vast range of Human Resources management areas including Training & Development, performance management, talent management, outsourcing, remuneration, employee relations, organization development and so on. Many of my years of experience are dealing in HR Telco environment.

Personally and professionally, I really like and truly enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences to other professionals. It is my strong motivation to be involved and to become a facilitator in those subjects that are my cup of tea.

In the last 6 years of my professional career I have been involved in a multinational company as a Human Capital Business Partner, Learning Sepcialist, Manager – Resource Management and Manager HR & GA. Besides that role I also deliver various Learning & Development programs at my organization.

I am a certified trainer and I am keen to build my role as facilitator for the rest of professional life. I believe through sharing we enrich other as well as ourself. Other than HR-related modules, as a professional trainer I also delivered Becoming Proactive (Seven Habits), Customer Services, and Career Management.

I was involved in numerous and various projects related to performance management, Corporate Culture Implementation and Socialization, talent management, organization restructuring and so forth. So I am looking forward to meeting you in one of my programs at Foster & Bridge Indonesia. Let’s share stories and experience that would hopefully enrich us as professionals and reach our professional career objectives.

At the first glance, some people may think that I am quite serious and serious, well, we’ll see that when we meet in one of my workshops. See you there.

Some of Syahludin’s workshop programs at Foster&Bridge Indonesia: 

  • Fundamental of HR Business Partner Program
  • Comprehensive Human Resources Management

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