Effective Public Speaking for Professionals

Professionals are expected to quickly organize their thoughts and ideas, and then being able to convey them meaningfully to the audience. Public speaking ranges from formal speeches to everyday business presentations, where it demands the ability to present concepts, to develop goal orientations, as well the ability to differentiate between oral and written communications.

This effective public speaking for professionals is designed for professionals who must speak in front of critical audiences. This course is also suitable for new speakers who seek for new ideas and strategies before they begin making presentations. This course aims to improve public speaking skills by learning some new techniques that will add the persuasive edge in presentations, as well as mapping difficult questions or presenting a highly elaborated information.

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Effective Public Speaking for Professionals Training Schedule in 2017:

January 24 – 25
March 9 – 10
May 18 – 19
August 2 – 3
October 18 – 19
December 4 – 5