HR for Non HR Managers

In today’s fast-pace business, many functional managers or supervisors in many organizations have to handle human resources issues as part of their daily job. They are expected to recruit, to develop, and to discipline their own team. Every manager is a people manager indeed.

But not all managers are ready to take on this assignment. Not all of them have adequate understanding on HR concepts and the skills in managing their HR practices.

This HR for Non HR Managers workshop will help the participants in walking through the recruitment process, conducting interview, discuss on-boarding, and some other HR-related practices they need to know as a new kind of manager. Preparing them to avoid or to face the issues and problems that they may face as an HR function within their team.

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Training Schedule:

25 – 26 January 2016
14 – 15 March 2016
9 – 10 May 2016
18 – 19 July 2016
15 – 16 September 2016
3 – 4 November 2016