Project Management For Non Project Manager

All organizations have and execute all kinds of projects in running their business. Some of the projects can be external ones that involve their business clients or partners. While the other may come as internal projects in order to improve and optimize their performance and business processes.

But not all organizations have dedicated unit or resources to manage their projects. Many of the projects require and involve staffs and management team coming from various functions and backgrounds other than project management.

Project Management for Non-Project Manager workshop is one of the special training program uniquely designed to help professionals from various backgrounds and positions who may not have or may have limited project management experience or background in learning project management with the common language.

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The Project Management For Non Project Manager Training Schedule:

January 16 – 17
March 20 – 21
July 5 – 6
August 14 – 15
October 9 – 10
December 4 – 5