Positive Mindset at Workplace

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Embarking on a set of challenges at the workplace is ever disconcerting. We got caught up with overcoming the assignments so much so we would easily lost our drives, 1 Day motivations, passion -or worst- our positive mindset.

We know that positive mindset will allow us to see the “glass is half full” (as contrast to half empty analogy) and recognize work challenges in a clearer and confident way.

Furthermore, our colleagues would feel comfortable working with people who have a positive mindset and behavior. A positive mindset will allow us to work passionately, more productive, and make us as the better colleagues, supervisor, and team members at our workplaces.

This Positive Mindset at Workplace training program is specifically designed to equip you with ways to evaluate your career, and facilitate you to develop the motivation to be a progressive person who actively contributes in creating a positive vibe at the workplace. This training program also designed to help you identify and manage de-motivating issues as part of your challenge to stay positive and to continuously drive your best self actualization for your career advancement.


  • The Essence of Positive Mindset
  • Spiritual Being VS Material Being
  • The Law of Principle and Process
  • The barriers to be positive people
  • The Road to be Cctualized Person at the Workplace
  • Creative Way to Manage Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction at Work

Recommended Participants:

Any professionals at any levels, and new Managers and Supervisors who want to develop and to sharpen their positive mindset in a professional setting.

Training Schedule 2017:

February 22
April 10
June 01
August 25
October 11
December 04