Stefanus Aryawan

Hello Friends, my name is Stefanus.

First, a little bit of my background so you understand where I am coming from. I have been a professional executive for the past 18 years with various organizations and industries. This experience allowed me to touch base with many aspects of managerial skills. I have been exposed from strategic management to operation management such as finance and accounting, information technology, legal and human resources. These skills give me some insight how to run a successful business organization.

Recently I decided to become a small business entrepreneur. It was not an easy transition and still it is not easy. However I believe it gives me unique perspectives of doing and managing business both as professional and business owner. That is the reason why I feel so strongly to help other people to become a better proffessional and to become a better business owner; and the path I choose to help that cause is as a trainer.

One area that will be my focus of training is a formulation of business strategy.

The goal of a good business strategy is to align the company grant vision with tactical strategy while understand the limit of our resources such as time, people and money. That is the reason why we need to focus when we create our implementable business strategy. While this is sound easy in theory, but it is very difficult to create strategy that works. Most of the time, there are incoherent links between strategy and implementation.

So is it hard to make a great strategic plan? The answer is no, providing you are willing to spend time to craft the plan. During our training session, we will have a good mix between strategic theory, role playing and business case discussion so we will cover a lot of ground to experience holistic approach to strategic plan. So this is what I would like to bring into training session. It is not just management theory rather it is an interactive discussion between all of us to have a self discovery solution to a problem that have impact on your business.

So, I am looking forward to meet with all of you; and together we will have an interesting session.


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