Stress and Conflict Management for Professionals

"Stress & Conflict-Management-for-Professionals"

Facing stress and conflict are the things that come across to us every day. As professionals we should be aware and know how to handle stress & how to find a good solution from a conflict.

Success comes from understanding how we behave and how we manage stress at the same time. Some of us are preferred to avoid stress & conflict rather than face it. However, the good emotional intelligence is needed to resolve stress & conflict by recognizing your own attitude first.

In this Stress and Conflict Management workshop, participants will learn how to turn difficult situation into opportunities to grow with real case study and fun role play.


  • Conflict as Communication
  • Benefit of Confrontation
  • Preventing & Dealing with Problems
  • The 3-steps of Conflict Resolution Models
  • Managing Anger & Stress in the workplace
  • The difference between positive and negative stress
  • Source of stressors to be managed and anticipated
  • The damages of failing stress management at the workplace
  • Emotional and spiritual stress coping
  • Creative transformation: how to change destructive energy into positive energy and get “Ahaaa-result”?

Recommended Participants:

Any professionals at any levels who want to enhance their emotional intelligence skills in order to be a better professionals in resolving stress & conflict on their personal & professional life.

Training Schedule 2017:

February 23 – 24
May 30 – 31
August 29 – 30
November 14 – 15