Tammy Sjahfirdi

Hello Network Professionals! My name is Tammy.

When people refer to Human Resources (HR) or recently as Human Capital (HC), I myself combined them together into Human Resources Capital. HRC is not a nuclear science; it is basically and simply back to common sense. It is not difficult or hard understanding, learning, applying HRC and becoming HRC practitioners. I will try my best to make it even easier to everyone as we walk through the session’s journey together.

My passion is all about learning, experiencing, sharing, and networking. With sharing and networking, the cycle returns to learning new knowledge shared from others as well. My workshops are about sharing experiences and practices. And also about building network. Professional network. From the sessions, we will enrich each other as we expand our network. I would encourage us to meet again after each session to further discuss and share your success stories.

You may find me “different” than other trainers and facilitators. But I like the challenge where you will experience the fun and enjoy participating in my workshops.

As an HRC practitioner for over 18 years, my exposures are in various industries such as Hospitality, Philanthropy, Oilfield Services, Insurance and Banking. Some of my certifications are Train the Trainer, Hospitality HR Management Specialization, Quality Management System Internal Auditor (ISO 9001:2000), and recently Risk Management for Banking Industry.

My exposures in various organizations and projects are related to HR System establishment and set-up, restructuring, harmonization, development, improvement and even efficiency.

I am really looking forward to meeting you in one of the sessions at Foster and Bridge Indonesia. And let us enjoy ourselves with “out-of-the-ordinary” experiences as well as methods with always putting the fun aspect in every session to learn from the meaningful experience sharing for all of us.


Some of Tammy’s workshops at Foster & Bridge Indonesia are:

  • Comprehensive Organization Development
  • Comprehensive Learning & Development Management 
  • Essential Supervisory Skills for (New) Supervisors/Managers
  • Essential Leadership & Management Skills for (New) Supervisors/Managers
  • Hospitality Human Resources Capital Management Series 


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