Time Management for New Managers and Leaders

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Take Control  & Prioritize

How a person manages their time dictates how many they can get the right things done in their personal and professional life. Time Management for (New) Managers and Leaders program will help participants how to optimize their time management in dealing with so many daily life activities they have to get done. At the end of the course, the participants will learn how to schedule their time more effectively, how to stay on track and how to prioritize (more) important things. Keeping everything in balance and stay productive.

The Benefits

  • Setting goals.
  • Creating priorities.
  • Setting realistic constraints.
  • Identifying time wasters.
  • Avoiding and breaking negative habits.
  • Using techniques and technology in managing time
  • Achieving targets and goals


  • Setting life’s goals
  • Recognizing individual time-wasters.
  • Developing schedule.
  • Prioritizing.
  • Breaking indecision, procrastination, and other negative habits.
  • Managing activities.
  • Establishing boundaries and No situation.
  • Balancing life activities

Recommended Participants

  • Professionals at any levels
  • New Managers
  • New Supervisors

Training Schedule 2017:

January 24 – 25
March 20 – 21
May 18 – 19
July 19 – 20
September 27 – 28
November 14 – 15