Ubaydillah Anwar

Hello Professionals,

I’m Ubaydillah Anwar, however people would call me Ubaedy.

I have been in the training world for many years now. My involvement in training programs could be tracked to as far as 2004, where I was involved with the “Mental Recovery Program” in Aceh. More recently, I have been facilitating in various training and workshop programs in capacity building for teachers, senior students, as well as senior officers in companies and schools. I have also facilitated on other areas, such as entrepreneurship skill building, motivation, implementation of adult learning in parenting, writing skills for senior officers, training on Emotional Quotient & Spiritual Quotient, and many more.

As you might see, from the pattern of my work, my passion is to facilitate the balance between world and spiritual life. The passion I have has brought me the paths of vibrant facilitating career.  I have been working with corporations (private and state-owned), as big as International Labor Organization (ILO), Dompet Dhuafa (DD), PT. Krakatau Steel, PT. Palyja, PT. Nestle Indonesia, as well as to education institutions. But I also have been involved in training and workshop projects assigned by the Ministries of Republic of Indonesia, such as the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Office of Educational Affairs of Banten.

I enjoyed being involved in professional development programs because I believe that professionals have the ability to lead a better life and with their spiritual life in balance, they would lead an even-more-impactful-better lives for themselves as well as for others. Our society can change into betterment when professionals, either in sky-rise buildings, in Ministries, or in schools, understand and apply the work and spiritual life balance into virtuousness.

I aspire to be involved in facilitating the change process of people, because I believe that facilitating is a two-way communication. I truly believe that none of us have more dominant knowledge than the others, we have is different experiences. Those experiences, when shared with each other, would become a new knowledge that can benefit all of us. Therefore, I’m very passionate to be a facilitator. In training and workshop programs, I could share my experiences together with other participants. Then, we all learned new information, new knowledge, and new experiences that would enrich everyone to be a better person.

I hope that we can enrich each other in our sessions together at Foster & Bridge Indonesia in the middle of our busy schedules. Sounds impossible? Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible!”

So, I am really looking forward to having you in one of my programs at Foster & Bridge Indonesia. See you soon!